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Admissions Overview

Merit Scholarship

BFIT College in Dehradun values academic excellence and offers scholarships to students who perform exceptionally well in their qualifying examinations. These scholarships demonstrate the college's commitment to fostering scholarly aptitude and providing support to deserving students.

Slab Admission is taken Percentage Tuition Fee Waiver
1 Diploma/UG/PG 65-75% 15%
2 Diploma/UG/PG 75-90% 20%
3 Diploma/UG/PG 90-95% 50%
4 Diploma/UG/PG 95-100% Free Education
5 Diploma/UG/PG Sports Category 5-10%
6 Diploma/UG/PG Uttarakhand Domicile 15%
7 Diploma/UG/PG Extracurricular 5-10%
8 Diploma/UG/PG Social Service(NCC/NSS) 10%

Note :- The management and college authorities have the authority to make changes to scholarships, including withdrawal, cancellation, or modification. Scholarships are contingent upon seat availability in the selected course, and this statement is not legally binding for claiming scholarships.


The scholarship shall be awarded based on aggregate marks of Class XII or bachelor’s results. In the case of CGPA, it shall be converted according to CBSE/ICSE/National Board/UGC /University norms. If the conversion criteria are not mentioned in the mark sheet, then the following criteria shall be applicable

  1. Scholarships in the bracket of 95% or more marks may be awarded to applicants who have obtained 10 CGPA.
  2. Scholarships in the bracket of 90% to 94.99% marks may be awarded to applicants who have obtained 9.5 CGPA to 9.99 CGPA.
  3. Scholarship in the bracket of 80% to 89.99% marks may be awarded to an applicant who has obtained 8.5 CGPA to 9.49 CGPA.
  4. Scholarship in the bracket of 70% to 79.99% marks may be awarded to an applicant who has obtained 7.5 CGPA to 8.49 CGPA.
  5. If a student gets a scholarship from a government/NGO/other agency, the Scholarship amount would be restricted to the difference between the sanctioned amount by Govt./NGO/other agency and the Scholarship at BFIT. This decision is at the behest of the Scholarship Committee.
  6. Scholarships are based on early admission and are further subject to availability of seats, course applied, and documents authentication as per the requirement of the institution.

Scholarships offered may be on a different basis such as scholarship based on GD/PI, Uttarakhand Domicile, Scholarship based on percentage, Scholarship based on Sports, Cultural, R&D, Co-curricular, Social Service etc. Scholarship based on Qualifying examinations. But it can be availed only under one category. Also, Scholarships shall be applied at the time of application or subject to seat availability. It shall not be allowed to change/apply at a later stage. Curricular, Social Services, etc. will only be awarded in case of competition meeting the guidelines approved by the said organizations as mentioned on the scholarship page. Students applying for admission through Scholarships will be required to upload documents/proof/certificates in the application portal after receiving login credentials for verification and authentication. Certificates validity from 31st March till the date of application shall be accepted only. Scholarships may or may not be applicable in case of a change of course subject to scholarship seat availability in the chosen course.

National Level Entry Test

  1. JEE (Main) – Joint Entrance Examination
  2. NEET– National Eligibility and Entrance Test
  3. NATA– National Aptitude Test in Architecture
  4. JEE (Main) Paper II – Joint Entrance Examination Paper II
  5. CAT – Common Admission Test
  6. XAT – Xavier Aptitude Test
  7. MAT – Management Admission Test
  8. CMAT – Common Management Admission Test
  9. GATE – Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
  10. GPAT – Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test
  11. CLAT – Common Law Admission Test
  12. LSAT – Law School Admission Test
  13. UCEED – Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design
  14. CEED – Common Entrance Examination for Design
  15. ICAR – Indian Council of Agricultural Research