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School of Agriculture

School of Agriculture Science presents numerous agriculture courses which are of both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The school of agriculture science presents knowledge of an aggregate of topics and realistic methods which enhance the student’s tender capabilities, which could be very a good deal required in nowadays time. Our unique program will come up with an expertise of the concepts of problems in order that scholar abilities in respective fields will grow and an analytical mind may be evolved which could be very a whole lot needed to fulfill studies orientated dreams. Our intention is to offer fine education in all fields so that scholars can get engaged in innovation, clinical and industrial research and can get extensive knowledge. With worldwide food demand growing at an exceptional rate there isn’t always only a want to grow food for the present generation however additionally lay the roadmap for a sustainable food supply for the coming generations.

B.Sc. Agriculture

B.Sc. in Agriculture cultivates knowledge, nurturing a sustainable future through the harmonious union of science and nature.

M.Sc. Agronomy

M.Sc. in Agronomy cultivates expertise in sustainable crop production, soil management, and agricultural techniques.

B.Sc. Forestry

B.Sc. in Forestry nurtures a passion for nature, equipping students to conserve and manage our precious forest ecosystems.

M.Sc. Seed And Science & Technology

M.Sc. in Seed Science and Technology nurtures expertise in enhancing crop productivity through advanced seed research.

B.Sc. Horticulture

B.Sc. in Horticulture cultivates knowledge of plants, combining science and art to create thriving green environments

M.Sc. Forestry forestry Cultivating expertise in sustainable management, conservation, and restoration of forest ecosystems for a greener future

M.Sc. Horticulture

M.Sc. in Horticulture cultivates expertise in plant cultivation, crop management, and sustainable agricultural practices

Alumini Testimonials

  • I want to thank BFIT Group of Institutions & the faculties of BFIT for putting in all the efforts to groom us and make us corporate professionals. it was a wonderful experience at BFIT. Read more

    Achintya Vashishtha Owner at Shtaau Exports
  • Studying at BFIT was awesome, I learned professionalism which helped me in my career. Everything was good at BFIT, from studies to events and to management. Read more

    Gurjinder Singh Dhillon Area Sales Manager at Royal Enfield Ltd.
  • The whole atmosphere of that college has taught me not only book knowledge but also practical lessons of living life. That college has made me known and respected by many people. That is my success. I still remember the beautiful calm and technology-friendly atmosphere. Read more

    Sharad Regmi IT officer in the Rajpur Rural Municipality Government Office
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