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Research and Development

BFIT follows a Semester System which is in conformity with the global practices and standards. The Course curriculum of one year is taught into two semesters. Semester system promotes greater interaction between faculty members and students and also permits more meaningful term paper and research assignments. Every student in BFIT is required to achieve 100% attendance in all the Lectures, Tutorials and Practicals and Seminars arranged for the respective course during the semester. However, a relaxation up to a maximum of 25% is granted in case of contingencies. A minimum of 75% attendance is required to appear in the examinations. 100% attendance criteria ensure academic excellence, disciplinary approach and growth of the student. The scheme of examinations & evaluation is one of the most important components of judging the academic performance and development of the students. Therefore, in BFIT, the students are assessed at regular intervals. It covers Class Test, Viva, Quiz, Case Discussion / Presentation / Analysis, Home Assignment, Project, Seminar, Term Paper, Attendance etc.

BFIT offers 85+ courses which are distributed into undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Skill enhancement and Ability enhancement are the most vital part of the curriculum of the courses.

The state of scientific and technological developments and progression in any nation is judged by the standard and extent of analysis activity in centres and tutorial establishments within the Nation. BFIT is actively engaged within the pursuit of information through its numerous programmes for developing and coaching extremely arch technical forces ever since its origination. A well organized and systematic approach has been developed for the choice of analysis students and coaching programs.

Research and Development (R&D) activities square measure the backbone of educational life in universities. The initiatives of BFIT ‘s square measure are forever in line with this objective. Analysis at BFIT may be an element of Associate in Nursing integrated activity encompassing teaching also as its linkages with the skin world of academe and trade. An oversized range of scholars the least bit levels within the three-tier structure of the tutorial Programmes square measure concerned in the analysis.

BFIT has numerous laboratories for all the programs it offers. Laboratories are well-equipped with modern technologies, fully air-conditioned and help students in advancing their knowledge with various experiments and researches regarding their concerned domain. The list of the laboratories is mentioned below –

Chemistry Lab

Labs provide college students the opportunity to carry out experiments that discover essential chemical concepts and introduce right lab techniques and safety. The scholars will display the potential to clear up chemical issues by using the logical techniques primarily based on properly-established scientific ideas. They could be capable of using chemical theories to provide an explanation for and are expecting observable phenomena, using the principles evolved in Chemistry. While undertaking an experiment, the scholar will observe written approaches accurately and properly, demonstrate competence with lab tools and measuring equipment, and report information absolutely and precisely.

Biology Lab

In a biology laboratory, college students work personally or in small groups on a query, hassle or hypothesis. They use the techniques and substances of science to assemble their own rationalization of biological phenomena. They study, accumulate records and interpret statistics of life methods, living organisms, and/or simulations of living phenomena. Laboratory has additionally been confirmed to be an effective manner for comprehension, knowledge and application of biological know-how. Lab and subject studies offer opportunities for teachers to model exceptional practices inside the study of biology which include application of scientific methodologies. Consequently, studying in a laboratory is a necessary and critical part of a biology program.

IT Lab

The computer lab is fully prepared with computing programs presenting one-to-one access to students. The computer lab has latest software program applications to commensurate with the ultra-modern programs for the students. The computer lab is backed up by a full time electricity facility to ensure uninterrupted operations. Students are given proper opportunities to access computers and practice on their software programs. Many students can work on computers at a single time without any interruption.

Physics Lab

The labs emphasize hands-on operating with the devices related to the physics in order to make the physics real to the student. The lab experiments that help in mastering the physics concept are all contained in lab manuals that the branch prepares particularly for the students. For top-level experiments BFIT has a big multi-use lab room, nicely-prepared for experiments with lasers, optics, and advanced physics.

Agriculture Lab

The Agricultural Laboratory presents a huge range of testing programs for soils, water, flora, biosolids and other agricultural substances. Our goal is to promote realistic, modern, and low-priced experiments to current and emergent troubles related to nutrient management and environmental problems. We offer analytical testing and research-based totally suggestions to assist sustainable resource management decisions. The lab gives complete analyses of soil, water, plant tissue, manure, compost, and other agricultural substances. The Lab is well-equipped with all the necessary tools which are needed by the agriculture students.

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